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A & K Development Company continues to expand its environmental efforts to make its manufacturing process as green as possible. In 2003 A & K installed one of the first Nitrogen Generators to be used in metal fabrication, at our plant in Eugene, Oregon. This has enabled A & K to generate its own nitrogen gas to power our lasers. This represents an 80% cost savings over purchasing nitrogen gas from supplier, while eliminating fuel consumption for nitrogen canister delivery.

A & K has installed energy-efficient lighting through its plants, which has reduced our electric consumption by 25%. The energy savings per fixture is greater than 50%. The fixtures, which A & K also manufactures, reduced wattage from 400 to 200 per fixture. In addition, the new fixtures incorporate motion sensors which reduce energy use even further: We estimate the cost savings to be from 65% to 75% per fixture.

Another A & K energy saving measure can be seen in our innovative efforts at heat reclamation and re-use. Heat generated by compressors and rubber presses, during manufacturing, is captured and funneled to heat a 16,000 sq. ft. machine shop.

A & K utilizes variable drive compressors which deliver from 15 hp to 75 hp based on demand load, reducing energy use compared to standard compressors.

A & K has a proven track record with regard to recycling. We recycle all Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) plastic, excess rubber and steel left over from our manufacturing process. We collect used oil, solvents and metal from aerosol cans in order to safely recycle the waste generated during the manufacturing process.

A & K has installed Photovoltaic panels on our plant rooftops which supply 25 kilowatts at one location and will soon supply 100 kilowatts of power at a second location. A & K has a new office building currently under construction which will be temperature-regulated by zonal thermostatic dampers. These dampers will regulate heat delivery by area, based on temperature and occupancy.

A & K is proud of its environmental efforts and will continue to find or create innovative ways to save energy, green up our manufacturing process and do all we can to keep our community green and energy-efficient.

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